You’re Different? Speak up! | Jordan Reeves | TEDxYouth@BlueSlidePark

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„My guess is that most of you didn’t know what a limb-difference is“. Everyone is different. Different mentally and physically, with different stories, backgrounds, and lives. In a world of differences, we need to make sure everyone is accepted. Jordan Reeves, an 11 year old girl with an arm that ends just above the elbow, shares her story and her mission to educate people about differences, and how anyone who feels different can also be heard. Jordan Reeves was born just right, and is the
official ambassador and lead innovator at the
nonprofit, Born Just Right. Ever since she was
little, this tween has pushed through any
expectations and proved she can do anything
(except monkey bars). Through her activities
and opportunities to speak and mentor other
kids with limb differences, Jordan is helping change attitudes around
physical differences.
Jordan is currently changing what we think of as a superhero and by
designing a body enhancement (a 3d printed prosthetic) that allows her to
shoot sparkles for her alter ego, Girl Blaster. Jordan has shown off her
work on The Rachael Ray Show, MakerFaire, and many other events
across the country. What’s next? Jordan and her mom are working on an
autobiography This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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