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Charlie Ottley presented the context of heritage conservation in Romania. Why don’t we see the potential of historic buildings, virgin forests, villages and old traditions? Because of the ignorance of the citizens. Charlie Ottley is a well-known promoter of biodiversity and the historical potential of Romania. Charlie Ottley visited Romania for the first time in 2011, and since then he returns every year. For the „Flavors of Romania“ series, the journalist traveled through all the regions of Romania. The series consists of 9 episodes and presents some of the most beautiful and little known places in Romania. „Flavors of Romania“ militates for the conservation of Romania’s natural and cultural heritage.

Charlie Ottley, who studied theology and philosophy at the University of Bristol, fell in love with the beauties of Romania while filming the documentary series „Wild Carpathia“, a series that was to be made around the world. A series in which Charlie Ottley has done more advertising to Romania abroad than all governments have succeeded since 1990. „Wild Carpathia“ has had a great impact abroad, with the cumulative audience in the 110 countries where the documentaries were broadcast raising to 100 million viewers.

Date and place of birth: July 17, 1971, Winchester-UK

Studies and career: He studied Theology and Philosophy at the University of Bristol-UK

He attended journalism courses at City University in London

He started working as a journalist in 1995

His father died in 1996, just before Charlie Ottley received a job as a Hollywood correspondent and head of the Los Angeles office of the World Entertainment News Network. In 2000, he joined television, setting up Forge TV. He has written, presented and co-produced a series of 13 episodes – Weekender TV – based on his weekend issue of Daily Express. The success of the series, broadcast on The Travel Channel, ensured a new series based on the culinary and travel side, entitled Flavors of Chile. Over the next 12 years he has done similar series in Peru, Spain, Mexico, Scotland, South Africa, Colombia and Greece.

Since 2011, Charlie Ottley has dedicated his energy to fighting for the preservation of Romania’s natural riches, filming the Wild Carpathia series, broadcast in 110 countries and translated into 11 languages.

In the summer of 2017, Charlie Ottley presented the last episode of Wild Carpathia at the UN headquarters in New York, being applauded at the open stage by representatives of 193 countries and 400 VIPs invited to the event.

Charlie Ottley writes constantly for The Daily Mail, Food and Travel Magazine and Vanity Fair. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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