Blow Up Your Bridge | Matthew K. Cross | TEDxBaiaMare

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Matthew Cross invited the audience to explore and cross four bridges, towards our genius and our highest potential. The first bridge that we all share, is the bridge between the past and the future, the bridge to everything that we desire and it is, of course, The Present.

Discover more about The Golden Ratio and The Bridge Discovery Process in this amazing talk. An internationally renowned writer, speaker and world-leading strategist, Matthew K. Cross is the founder and CEO of the Leadership Alliance, a personalized consulting firm that works with Fortune 100 organizations and elite institutions such as Stanford University. Companies with which Matthew K. Cross has collaborated include Bank of America, ING, BlackRock, Allianz, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Home Depot, Qlik.

Hoshin North Star Process Specialist, athlete and out-of-the-box visionary, Matthew offers through his work a guide to leadership, genius, alignment and performance of organizations, teams and people.

Cross’s forthcoming book „The Most Successful Business Story Ever Told“ is a book dedicated to learning and applying the key principle of leadership and systems behind every successful organization on Earth.

Books previously published: „The Hoshin NorthStar Process – Set your priorities straight in 7 Steps“; „The Millionaire’s Map“; „Nature’s Secret Nutrient — Golden ratio biomimicry for PEAK health, performance & longevity“; „The Little Book of Romanian Wisdom“; „The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Sequence“. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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