You Need a Victim to Have a Bully: Breaking the Power/Trauma Cycle | Lorie Hood | TEDxUStreetWomen

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Dr. Lorie Hood studies the intersection of power and trauma and was first diagnosed with PTSD over a decade ago. She explains her research on what she calls the power-trauma cycle through dance to originally performed music, vocals, and voiceover. Learn why her research and lived experience have given her a unique perspective on why focusing on bullying doesn’t work. Lorie is the founder of The Hood Group, LLC, a Washington, DC-based firm devoted to human potential and High Stakes Performance, and FutureSafe, LLC, which focuses on mass trauma. She is also the CEO of Responders First, LLC, and teaches first responders techniques that help them do their jobs more effectively and lower their risk of PTSD, depression, and burnout. Lorie Hood is a traumatologist, researcher and expert on the intersection of power, trauma, and human potential. Her clinical work, scholarship and lived experience as an individual with diagnosed PTSD has led her to develop a body of work called High Stakes Performance. Lorie teaches individuals how to function in high-stress environments consistently and predictably while maintaining access to their minds, bodies, and their full range of abilities. She does this by helping people understand, access, and process their stress and trauma, identify where they have been potentially victimized, and guiding them to reclaim their power. Lorie is the founder of The Hood Group; a Washington, DC based firm devoted to human potential and High Stakes Performance. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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