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Saraswati World School promotes the idea of four C’s of Life a student must adhere to become an educated and successful citizen.

The mission of this school to bring necessary changes in the student during his or her studies in the area of conviction, Confidence, Communication and Creativity.

In pursuit of knowledge, Saraswati World School is pleased to announce the launch of TED ED Club for its students. The first launching event of the club took place on 4th Feb’ 2020 at School auditorium. Several students part of TED-ED Club shared new ideas and topics.
Saraswati World School, Hooghly is one of the few international schools which is based on the fundamentals of happiness and joyful ambience for everyone.

Saraswati World School is an International School in technical and academic co-operation with Milleniumi I Trete School Europe. It is established as K +12 CBSE curriculum Co-Education and English Medium School. Saraswati World School is proud to be a happy school and providing education under International certified NEST methodologies and stem education. Well trained teaching faculty look after the overall development of students in School. This school is based on four C’s of development- Confidence, Creativity, Conviction, and Communication.

Visit our website at https://saraswatiworldschool.org

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