JW.org on BBC National Radio · Jehovah’s Witness ‚Shunning‘ doctrine discussed with Phone-in calls.

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JW.org Shunning item starts 45:00 · The Jehovah’s Witnesses practice of Shunning discussed, cult members ordered & directed to shun their own family. Twenty minute segment at 45;00 w/ phone in.

© Copyright BBC Radio
Jeremy Vine program, Presented by Vanessa Feltz
Broadcast, Tuesday 31 July 2018
Source, https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bclppz

Watch This — https://youtu.be/FVVdCikBDQk

YT https://youtu.be/9kkdBcdv30s

July/ August 2018 JW.org on BBC National Radio · The Jehovah’s Witness ‚Shunning‘ doctrine discussed and with Phone-in calls.

Kategorie: BBC Panorama

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