Bases One 2016 Update

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In 1994 Bases 1 an investigation by Miles Johnston, started as a simple 2 hr recording on new case, with man called Barry King from London UFO Studies and co-researcher Lisa Williams….British Bases in Berkshire…making Programmed Generated Life Forms, population mind control programs… it involved Nazis, in England, the NSA in England..and Alien Greys and Reptilians in a base in the west Berkshire countryside between Peasemore and RAF Welford…. and so The Bases project began. But above all Man Made Aliens called PGLFs, and new versions NHCUs (Non Human Cyborg Units for use off world)

Christine, via Skype from Rendlesham Forest, put up in expensive ancient Hotel by BBC Panorama, and Channel 4 team with Hugh Grant, where Queen Anne had stayed. Right on the doorstep of Rendlesham Forest, (Where Ets engaged two USAF bases in 1980, and neutralized all the Nuclear Weapons there) after a night of Grey Aliens attacking her in the Astral, and a former Lib Dem MP as well!, This show deals with some of the most important aspects of the UFO, Rendlesham Psi Warfare
With a Fleet Street (British mainstream Press) now in the picture, a Super Soldier capable of extreme and intense „Astral“ Psi-Warfare… Christine Joanna Hart now interviews Lisa Williams and we deal with the details of the Nazi programmes, and far far more. British MPs doing Psi Warfare, in the Astral..Remote Viewing!
So who can expect UFO Disclosure when the Government ministers and senior MPs are in on the whole deal.. Alien warfare with traitors in parliament, …Programming stars and Public Figures..The Priory. The Daily Mail,,The press at large.. a real deep mess here. Psi Warfare and more Mind Control, using Public figures . Miles Johnston joins Lisa for this Bases One 2016 Update on Revolution Radio, via Skype.

All three via Skype in England, which is specifically interfered with as some sensitive subjects are discussed.

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