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For those of you who are unfamiliar with Vanessa, she is an independent researcher and journalist who has travelled extensively throughout the Middle East, notably Gaza, Syria and The Yemen.

Vanessa has written in depth about conflicts in the region and has meticulously gathered many testimonies. Vanessa has previously provided evidence to the UN Human Rights Council; this concerned the use of US manufactured cluster bombs by the KSA regime, against defenceless Yemeni civilians. Her work has appeared on Russia Today, 21st Century Wire, UK column to name but a few.

During August this year Vanessa spent 4 weeks in Syria, meeting with Syrian people from all walks of life; from Firemen to Doctors, to community and religious leaders to high ranking public officials, culminating in a meeting with Bashar Al Assad himself.

Yet again, Vanessa’s observations seem to be in stark contrast to the tired narratives which are peddled by our free press. Indeed, the doublespeak style misinformation presented by our media really would try to have us believe that war is peace.

So, this evening we have a rare opportunity to hear the other side of the story, to hear the voices of the Syrian people and how they feel about this war and what has happened to their country over the last 5 or so years. So please give a warm welcome to Vanessa…..


Kategorie: BBC Panorama

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