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“#Compassion in #leaderhsip takes us from #disruption to #transformation. Disruption is defined as disturbance or problems which interrupt an event, activity, or process. So, is technology truly causing disruption or transformation in the way things are done? Is this evolution? The phone, airplane, online technology are they truly disruption or transformation? War is disruption. Racism is disruption. Corruption is disruption. And all these disruptions caused by humans poverty mindset”

Look at the word compassion and it means:

Emotion that inspires a desire to help
Awareness of suffering and the wish to relieve it
Recognise suffering of others, take action to help
Empowering, tolerating & forgiving
Respectful to yourself & others without the ego or judgement
It is caring from the mind, heart and soul
It is important to look within to gain a state of compassion which leads to love. To gain this state of compassion leading to love let us focus on three things:

#Trust – this is having belief in yourself, learning and knowing your true inner self
#Openness – having the ability to be flexible and adaptable in all situations
#Passion – the emotion, feeling and the pure energy that comes from the #heart and #soul

Compassion is not about having pity on others. It has nothing to do with being nice and feeling sorry for others. It never means to be disrespect to yourself or be a yes person to the needs and wants of others. In simple terms it is about being empowering, tolerant and forgiving. It is about being respectful to yourself and others without the ego and judgement. Please listen and see the Ted Talk by Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, „Why aren’t we more compassionate?“.

„Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation.“ – Rabindranath Tagore

Love is what you live for.

Love for life, love for a great career, love for work, love for health, love for prosperity, love for relationships, love for financial success, and much more; more importantly, the love for yourself. Imagine if you were true to this emotion, true to this state. This is the true nature of humans.

Life is mysterious; you will never know what will happen next. For all you know the next breath will be your last breath. And when you take that last breath will you have regrets. Regrets that you did not do your best, regrets you hurt your loved ones, and regrets you did not live your dreams.

When you look at love closely its foundation is compassion.

By amplifying your awareness of compassion the realisation dawns upon you that life is simply about love. Imagine, you being in this true state.

Like you many a time I get engulfed in fear and I forget the power of true love. Through true love comes joy, prosperity and abundance. When we let the heart and the brain integrate then the path of life we walk on becomes effortless.

A number of month ago, a divine blessing happened to me. It dawned on me how expectations can be a killer but with true love from the heart awareness amplifies and it is easier to relate to life without fear.

The scenario gave me greater clarity that love is freedom. It truly is freedom from clinging on to expectations, rules and demands. In simple words love grows only in love and it flourishes in an atmosphere of gratitude and thankfulness.

Rather than focusing on getting love, start giving love. You give love because it is natural to do so. No reason is required to love. There are no demands and expectations. Give love and stop pondering to see how much you will get in return. Love is not some kind of business transaction.

Many people are involved in helping others in understanding what is love. But they forget only with complete surrender the ego goes silent and love comes in. By doing so you no longer seek perfection and start becoming free from the fear of being alone.The ego of expectation, which is derived from our fear, creeps up and wants to take control. Many of us do walk backwards with our fear and call it reality.

Love yourself and the other with such wonder that everything is perceived as a miracle. Through such love inspiration awakens within you without even giving you time to think. Take this opportunity to keep focus, pay attention, be aware and breathe in the power of love.

Love is the only power that will ensure you move forward and prosper. And the first step to claim your power of love is through compassion.

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