mehr Dokus

‚In one of the toughest undergrad schools in the world, a film maker infiltrates a complex mindscape of ambition and restless youth. In the hallways of excellence, something sinister is at work- and those who inhabit them, must fight these monsters within‘

Produced by: Abhay Kumar, Archana Phadke
Original Score : Shane Mendonsa
Edited by: Abhay Kumar, Archana Phadke
Consultant Editor: Deepa Bhatia
VFX and titles : Plexus (Vijesh Rajan)
Animation: Troy Vasanth, Rajesh Thakerey
Colorist: Sid Meer
Sound : Micke Nystrom
Poster: Neerav Doshi
Outreach : Ruchi Bhimani

A Storyteller Ink./ Fugue Production
Associate Producer : Atlantic Films
Co-produced by : Helsinki Filmi through the Finnish Film Foundation
Executive Producer: Iikka Vehkalahti
Co-producer: Miia Haavisto
Directed by: Abhay

Kategorie: BBC Horizon

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