Panorama: Under the Skin of the BNP

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Original Radio Times billing: „As the British National Party claims it has adopted a strategy of community politics, Jane Corbin reports, after months of investigation and with the testimony of insiders, a very different story about the party.“

This programme was an early example of an online tie-in, which is still live. The programme pages are here:

Here is the programme transcript:

The programme includes recordings of private BNP meetings, but obviously they moderate their language and say absolutely nothing that anyone might object to. But be aware of a visual content warning from 39:49 to 40:34.

Transmitted 18 November 2001. This was a time when Panorama had been switched to Sundays, and was integrated with the 10’o’clock News – hence the introduction from George Alagiah.

Kategorie: BBC Panorama

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