Let’s Play Inca [German/CD-i] Part 1: Antike Kultur trifft auf Sci-Fi

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Let’s Play Inca [German/100%/HD/60fps] Part 1: Antike Kultur trifft auf Sci-Fi

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★ Info ★

Inca is a 1992 computer game developed by Coktel Vision and published by Sierra On-Line. A sequel, Inca II: Nations of Immortality, was released in 1994.
The game describes the conflict between Incas and Spaniards in a sci-fi, space opera setting.

Inca combines many different genres including space combat simulator and adventure game. Some levels are purely shooting, some have maze exploration, or include inventory-based puzzles or riddles.
Game progress is marked with numerical passcodes that are given after specific points of the game (12 in the disc version, 16 in the CD), allowing the player to resume playing from that chapter.
Huayna Capac, the last grand Inca, after 500 years of his death, prepares a warrior called El Dorado to gather three gems of Time, Energy and Matter, and fight Aguirre, the Spanish leader. The action begins in an asteroid space station called Paititi (its surface is marked with lines similar to the Nazca lines) from which El Dorado hurls to space flying a Tumi-shaped spaceship.
The quest brings him dodging asteroids, dogfighting with Spanish spaceships, fighting his way through mazes and performing puzzles (rituals) to summon the mummy of Pachacutec the Renovator for hints. The directions lead him to the statues of the „Founders of Huaca“, Mama Ocllo and Manco Capac, who give him the Jewel of Time. On his way back, he is captured on board the Spanish mothership (actually a galleon flying in space) trying to escape.
Afterwards he rids Paracas (a moon marked by a shape similar to the Paracas Candelabra) from Spanish ships and he meets the Aclla who acknowledges him as the new Sapa Inca and gives him the Jewel of Matter.
The Jewel of Energy is guarded by Mayans on a planet. After wandering in a maze and passing through puzzles, El Dorado reaches the „Intihuatana of Machu Picchu“, where he claims the final jewel. Afterwards he uses them in combination to solve the final puzzle and is awarded the sacred tumi, sign of his anointment as son of the sun.
In the final stage El Dorado finds himself again in Aguirre’s galleon, where the two duel against each other.


Entwickler: Coktel Vision
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Plattform: CD-i, MS-DOS
Genre: Space Shooter, Puzzle, Adventure
Release: 1992

Meta Score: N/A


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