Inside The Phone Hacking Scandal

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Hacked Off: Behind the public furor, the phone hacking scandal has been most traumatic for the victims whose most intimate conversations were being tapped. We hear the personal stories at the heart of the crisis.

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„How dare they! How dare they invade my privacy! Have I not been through enough?“ Just days ago Rose Gentle, whose son died in Iraq, received a call from a journalist telling her that she had been hacked. For her and many others the fact that someone was listening as they poured out their grief and sorrow is unbearable. Even worse, this grief was being exploited to sell papers. Graham Foulkes‘ son died in the London bombings. He discovered that ‚The News of the World‘ had kept all of his details on file. For him there is an added dimension: the police may have been complicit in this information being obtained. As hacking lawyer Stephen Heffer points out, „there has clearly been a cosy relationship between major press interests,police and politicians“. As the investigation into the hacking gets underway the media, police and government are all being held to account. Yet the real worry for the victims is that those primarily responsible in their eyes, the Murdochs, will escape punishment. „I hope they end up in jail with a good long sentence“.

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