From An Other to Another: An Act of Love | Robin Paoli | TEDxHoustonWomen

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Robin Paoli believes that we need action and advocacy to bring our love and our stories to life: „Advocacy brings us into our neighbors’ purposeful stories and invites us together to create what’s next.“

In this talk, Robin shares her journey from growing up in a culture that saw different people as „other“ to learning what happens when she started embracing people as simply „another;“ and how her world changed when she re-examined her faith and new ways to „love our neighbors as ourselves.“ Robin Paoli is the founder and Board President for Houston Women March On as well as founder and CEO at Bibliosol Global. Her lifelong advocacy has ranged from grassroots organizations to national assemblies, with campaigns spanning multiple sectors from health care and housing to economic development and social justice. Robin is a serial entrepreneur, helping launch more than thirty not-for-profit, for-good, and for-profit initiatives and businesses, locally and globally. She believes love is a series of daily actions stretching us beyond ourselves and breaking the systems and institutions that imprison us and reduce us to less than we are meant to become. Robin has been recognized for community development and frameworks for measuring impact, and is the recipient of awards for advocacy, public affairs, and writing. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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